By | March 15, 2023

Musician Bobby Caldwell dies at 71, known for hit single ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ and his music sampled by over 170 artists including 2Pac, Aaliyah and Common. RIP 🖤.

On March 15th, 2023, the music industry lost one of its legends. Bobby Caldwell, renowned for his hit song “What You Won’t Do For Love” released in 1978, passed away at the age of 71. Fans and fellow musicians alike mourned the loss of the legendary artist, sharing their gratitude for his contributions to the industry.

Caldwell’s soulful music had an impact on numerous generations, and his work has been sampled a staggering 170 times by artists such as 2Pac, Aaliyah, and Common, to name a few. His unique style and unmistakable voice have made him a beloved figure in the industry, with fans cherishing his music for decades to come. While he may be gone, his music and legacy will undoubtedly live on.

This news comes as a shock to the music world, and fans around the world are left with heavy hearts after learning of Caldwell’s passing. But even in death, his impact on the industry and those who appreciated his music will remain ever-present. Rest in peace, Bobby Caldwell – the industry has lost a true icon.

Source : @whosampled

Bobby Caldwell has passed away aged 71. Best known for his 1978 single 'What You Won't Do For Love', his music has been sampled 170 times by artists including 2Pac, Aaliyah and Common. RIP 🖤

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