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“Gangland feud claims life of notorious figure in Scotland”

Political Figure’s Tweet on Recent Gang Violence in Scotland.

A shocking tweet by Humza Yousaf, a Pakistani Muslim who is vying to become Scotland’s next First Minister, has been unearthed. Yousaf is seen offering condolences to the family of Omar Sadiq, a notorious gangland figure with alleged connections to the murderers of Kriss Donald. Sadiq was recently stabbed to death in a gangland feud, and his death has reignited concerns surrounding organised crime in Scotland. The tweet was discovered by UK Justice Forum and has caused widespread outrage amongst the Scottish populace, who view it as a tacit approval of criminal activity.

The controversy surrounding Yousaf’s tweet has raised pertinent questions regarding his suitability for the position of First Minister. Several Scottish politicians have called for an investigation into his links with known criminals, while some have gone as far as to demand his resignation. The tweet has also highlighted the dangers of organised crime in Scotland, and the urgent need for the authorities to take decisive action. As the country gears up for elections later this year, the controversy is likely to cast a shadow over Yousaf’s political ambitions.

Published on: 15 March, 2023.

Source : @Justice_forum

Wake up Scotland!!!

Humza Yousaf (the Pakistani Muslim who wants to become Scotland’s next First Minister) tweeted his condolences when Omar Sadiq a gangland figure with links to Kriss Donald's murderers was stabbed to death in a gangland feud.

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