By | March 15, 2023
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Former Newark State Senator and Civil Rights Leader Ron Rice Dies at 77

Longtime civil rights icon and Newark Democrat Ron Rice Sr. dies at 77..

Former state Senator Ron Rice, a towering figure in the Civil Rights Movement and a beloved Newark Democrat, has died at the age of 77. His passing marks a significant loss for New Jersey’s political landscape, and for advocates of social justice across the nation.

Rice, who served in the state legislature for more than three decades, was known for his unwavering dedication to the principles of fairness, equality, and human rights. He was a vocal advocate for progressive causes throughout his career, championing issues ranging from criminal justice reform to environmental protection. His legacy will continue to inspire those who believe in the power of activism and community organizing to effect meaningful change. The date of publication for this article is March 15, 2023.

According to those who knew him, Rice’s political legacy was rooted in his deep commitment to the people of his home state. He was known for his willingness to listen to his constituents, and for his ability to translate their concerns into meaningful policy initiatives. In the words of one of his colleagues, Rice was “a fighter for social justice, a pillar of the community, and a moral compass for all of us.” His passing leaves a significant void in New Jersey politics, but his memory and his lasting impact on his community and beyond will continue to inspire generations of activists to come.

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Former state Sen. Ron Rice, a longtime civil rights icon and a well-known Newark Democrat, has passed away at the age of 77.

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