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Remembering Dick Fosbury: The Inventor of High Jumping’s Revolutionary Technique

Dick Fosbury, the Inventor of the Fosbury Flop, Passes Away: Olympic Gold Medalist who Revolutionized High Jumping..

Dick Fosbury, the Olympic gold medalist and inventor of the revolutionary high jump technique known as the “Fosbury flop,” has passed away. The news was announced by Joy Bhattacharjya on Twitter on March 14, 2023. Fosbury’s technique, which involves going backwards over the bar, was initially dismissed as a “flop” by the athletics community, but soon became the standard technique in high jump. Fosbury won the gold medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, where he first introduced the Fosbury flop to the world. His athletic legacy will live on forever, and his impact on the sport of high jump cannot be overstated.

The Fosbury flop technique allowed high jumpers to clear greater heights than ever before, and it quickly became the standard technique for the sport. Fosbury’s approach was revolutionary, as he went against the conventional technique of jumping face-first and head-down over the bar. His technique not only allowed jumpers to clear higher heights, but also reduced the risk of injury. Fosbury’s Olympic gold medal win in 1968 cemented his legacy as one of the greatest athletes in high jump history. The world mourns the loss of a true legend in the sport.

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The man who made a 'flop' the biggest hit has passed away. Dick Fosbury, the man who invented the Fosbury flop, going backwards over the bar, won an Olympic gold and forever changed the sport of high jumping!

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