By | March 14, 2023
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Legendary high jumper Dick Fosbury dies at 76

Dick Fosbury, the High Jump Legend, dies at 76.

Dick Fosbury, the American athlete who revolutionized the high jump event in the sport of track and field, passed away at the age of 76. The news of his demise was shared by Rex Chapman on Twitter. Fosbury was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and died peacefully in his sleep, according to his family.

Fosbury is known for inventing the “Fosbury Flop,” a technique of jumping that involves going over the bar headfirst, facing upwards, and landing on the back. He first used this technique at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, where he won the gold medal and set a new Olympic record. The technique is now used by most high jumpers in the world. Fosbury’s legacy in the sport will forever be remembered.

Published on March 14, 2023, the news of Fosbury’s passing is a tragic loss for the world of sports. However, his contributions to the sport of track and field will never be forgotten, leaving an enduring impact on future generations of high jumpers around the world.

Source : @RexChapman

Dick Fosbury has passed away at the age of 76 …

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